Sober & Gina G: NITECAP

February 6, 2018

Friends, Gina G and I whipped up a new deep house mix called NITECAP for y’all, premiered today by Gorilla vs. Bear! Whether you’re on your daily commute, in your cubicle, at the gym, or just chillin’, let this be the soundtrack for your day… or night. 🌙

1. Project Pablo – Hiber Nation *S
2. Facade – Transit *G
3. Sune – Glidin’ *S
4. Morning Factory – Looking *G
5. Palms Trax – Forever *G
6. Seb Wildblood – Necessary Happiness (feat. Paul Cut) *S
7. Garrett David – Ooh Aah (feat. Colin Johnson) *S
8. Vincent Floyd – Dawn Notes *G
9. Sage – Daylight Blur *S
10. Route 8 – Ash Dub *G
11. DJ Kush Boogie – Chardonnay *S
12. Herbert – See You On Monday *G

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