Corpus Christi

New Hands

April 18, 2011

Above are two new hand drawn posters I cranked out. The first one is for a festival I am playing in Corpus. The one on the bottom is for the homies in Houston doing it real big! Stoked on how both pieces turned out. I used similar colorways for that summer vibe. Get at me […]

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Moog Files

January 26, 2011

I hit up my friend Johnny Moog’s CD release a couple weeks back. This was my first Corpus trip without work involved. It was refreshing to be able to chill with the Homies and Kick it with CC folks and not be behind the turntables. Above are a few photos I shot at the release. […]

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Selena Town

December 7, 2010

Above are a few photos I shot on my recent trip to Corpus Christi. The first edition of Top Notch was a huge success. I am scheduled to return for a big NYE blowout. Can’t wait to get back and eat. Corpus has some amazing feeds!

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